Step 6 Strategy Session

If you are just getting started and have NOT completed my “Welcome Appointment” page instructionsSTOP RIGHT NOW and go back to the Welcome Appointment Page! This calendar is ONLY for people who are well-into the steps and the training, and already had at least ONE LIVE COACHING CALL with me!


This appointment is ONLY for those who have already had a Step 3 Appointment LIVE Coaching call with me, AND finished the Step 6 video. You will find the booking link for Your Strategy Session at the bottom of this page, However, Don’t book the appointment unless you fully read this entire page.

I have LIMITED calendar space each day for Strategy Sessions. DO NOT MISS OR BE LATE FOR THIS APPOINTMENT. You cannot take this time off my calendar and away from other students by-no-showing, or showing up 5 minutes late where we don’t have the proper time necessary to do the Strategy Session, or cancelling shortly before we start! Showing up 5 minutes late =’s a missed appointment, as does cancelling 30 minutes prior. I am often 100% booked on the entire day by the time my morning starts.

All, make sure you have thoroughly and carefully gone through the Step video IN ENTIRETY, beginning to end! Again, do not schedule unless and until you have gone through and watched the entire Step 6 video from beginning to end, while in a quiet place and without distraction!

Make sure you understand our products, the compensation plan overview, and etc. It is crucial you understand the costs and really immerse yourself in Step 6 before scheduling this appointment! It is the ONLY way to have a productive and effective Strategy Session. Again, make sure the study guides are completed. Assuming all that is done, please schedule our Step 6 Strategy Session Appointment to be done via Skype.


  • Do not miss even 30 seconds of the Step 6 video! Watch the entire thing, beginning to end.
  • Make sure you frequently check email after you booked your Strategy Session. You will be sent an email confirmation of the appointment time/when we meet on Skype, as well as reminder notices 24 hours, 1 hour, and 15 minutes prior to the appointment, all by email.
  • My Google calendar automatically emails you and asks whether you accept or decline the request. IGNORE THIS. The appointment is ON regardless as I will NEVER see your reply! You will have requested the appointment, and it is scheduled unless you use the SCHEDULEONCE email and official link to cancel.
  • Be sure you add some sort of alert or alarm to the phone or calendar to remind yourself of this so you don’t miss the appointment.
  • The appointment is on Skype, NOT Zoom or otherwise. Arrive on Skype 1-2 minutes early, minimum. Drop me a quick written message via Skype saying, “I’m here” or similarly, when you arrive.
  • Again, late cancellations (less than 2 hours notice) or missed appointments are unacceptable. 2 missed appointments for any reason will mean we are done here and your account suspended. Make sure you are in a quite room with ZERO distractions and ZERO NOISE.

If you are located outside the USA, Skype is 100% required for this appointment. In ALL cases, Skype is highly preferred.  If you don’t have Skype, go to and get it now (or click on the “Welcome Appointment” link at top of this page, and scroll to the bottom of that page for a video tutorial). If you have trouble operating or downloading Skype, email me at , text me at 480-788-8563, and I will respond to you as soon as I can as I am in appointments most of the day, but will answer if available and free).

Please click HERE now to schedule our one-on-one Skype Strategy Session appointment Or use the following link to book your Strategy Session: