Welcome Appointment (You MUST do this page FIRST, and before anything else!)


Skype: Issa.AlDugum
Office phone: (602) 490-0906
Email: Ialdugum@digitalaltitude.co

(Again, Skype is REQUIRED!
I do not know one person in this industry making 6 figures who does NOT have a Skype account! It is FREE…  so, don’t pay for anything, just add Skype to your device and send me a request, or let me know you got it by email, thank you!)SKYPE TRAINING VIDEOS:The first thing that you need to do is to sign up or create a Skype account through this link: http://bit.ly/1SIeP2m.After Signing Up you can watch this video → https://youtu.be/mL1FclOcZBU and that will guide you on how to install Skype.Here’s a video on how to add contacts on Skype → https://youtu.be/U3l16sMyjHQ.